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        Production site in Macheng, Hubei province

        Raw material: granite, design scale: 230T /h


        Shanxi iron ore production site

        Raw material: iron ore, capacity requirement: 200 tons/hour


        Production site in Guangxi

        Raw material: granite, maximum particle size: 800mm, design scale: 350T /h





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        Luoyang Ruike Technology was exclusively invested by Dahua Group in 2015 with a registered capital of 30 million yuan. Relying on the good development platform of Dahua Group, after years of hard work, Luoyang Ruike has gradually developed into a comprehensive industrial enterprise integrating the design, production, sales and after-sales of mining equipment and accessories, and can now contract production lines of building materials or other industries of 100~2000 tons per hour. It is a modern production and processing enterprise that includes the production and installation of main machine equipment, centralized control, transportation and non-standard parts, etc., and was identified as a high-tech enterprise in December 2019.
             The company manufacturing products mainly include feeder, jaw broken, single cylinder cone, multi cylinder cone, counter broken, vibrating screen, dehydration screen, tire mobile station, etc. At present, it has a more than 20,000 square meters of modern processing plant and 5 production workshops, all kinds of production and processing equipment 150 sets, with an annual output of 300 sets of production capacity.
             The company existing research and development, technology, production, sales, maintenance, quality inspection, after-sales service and other team of 300 employees, including master degree accounting for 5%, college degree or above accounting for 40%, 30% of senior skilled workers, in the new stage of development, all the people will continue to maintain the original heart, with quality and service to create value for customers.



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